Local Community Colleges

For students with average GPAs it’s often difficult to know which colleges to apply to.  You don’t want to waste your time filling out applications, especially if there are fees involved, only to find out that your application for enrollment has been declined.  Here is some advice if you fall in that category of students.  Don’t bee too proud to give your local community colleges a chance!

benefits of community colleges

Local community colleges have many benefits over larger, more prestigious institutions.  Here’s a list of advantages local community colleges have over major universities:

  1. Community colleges are much cheaper than big name universities and the college credits count the same toward your degree.  So why not spend less money in the beginning and go to the local community college and then transfer your credits over to the university of your choice.
  2. Community colleges can be a stepping stone to prove yourself in the classroom.  Their acceptance rates are much higher than major universities and once you are in, you can prove you belong by making the grades.
  3. Class sizes are often smaller at community colleges.  That means you will have a lower ratio of teacher to student, which means you will get more one on one time with your professors.
  4. Parking is usually much easier at community colleges
  5. Campuses are less crowded at community colleges.
  6. There are more community colleges available, which means there is probably one closer to your residence than a major university.
  7. Community colleges tend to be slightly easier than universities.  This point is debatable; however, in my own experiences of attending a community college as well as a division I. university, I think the community college classes were much easier.

Those are just a few advantages.  The important thing to realize is there is no shame in going to a community college.  It is a practical and economical alternative that makes sense for millions of students across the country.  If you hadn’t considered it before you definitely should now!

Cameron University is Easy to Get Into

Another college that is extremely easy to get into is Cameron University.  With just under 6500 students, Cameron University is a mid-sized college, located at 2800 W. Gore Boulevard in Lawton, Oklahoma.  You can contact the university by calling 580-581-2200 or going to their website at this link: Cameron University.

cameron university

Cameron university offers over fifty different degrees through graduate programs of 2 and 4 years.  Founded in 1908, Cameron University has a lot of history.  If you decide to attend Cameron University you can dawn the black and gold and become an “aggie”.

Cameron University logo

If you’d like to apply for admission to Cameron University you need to get the ball rolling.  You shouldn’t have any problems getting accepted since they had a 100% acceptance rate in 2011.  However, classes start August 14th so you should enroll as soon as possible if you want to get registered in time for the Fall Semester.

Cameron University in Lawton, OK is beautiful and easy to get into.

Cameron University in Lawton, OK is beautiful and easy to get into.

If you are looking for a university in the Lawton region, and you are concerne about getting denied on your college enrollment application, you should strongly consider giving Cameron University a chance.  They have tradition, good facilities, a good staff, and a nice campus. And best of all, they are extremely easy to get into.

Chancellor University – 100% Acceptance Rate

Our next featured college that is easy to get into is Chancellor University.  Founded in 1848 in Cleveland, Ohio, Chancellor University is 165 years old.  It’s campus is very small, taking up only five acres of space.

Chancellor University

Chancellor University is very easy to get into, boasting a 100% enrollment acceptance rate.

If you wish to apply for enrollment at Chancellor University you must submit your ACT and SAT scores by Auguest 15th.  Since they accept everybody who applies I’m guessing the only reason they need your ACT and SAT test scores is so they can help you choose the proper classes based on your education level.   There are nine students for every one faculty member at Chancellor University.  This 9-1 ratio ensures students will get plenty of personal attention.  The freshmen retention rate is fourty-five percent, meaning that 45% of students enrolled at Chancellor University return for their sophomore year, while 55% of freshmen students do not return.

Chancellor University is located at 3921 Chester Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.  Their tuition is around $10,500 per year (at least that’s what the tuition and fees were for the 2011 through 2012 academic year).  You can call the university at 216-391-6937.  If you are looking for a small, private university that’s easy to get into Chancellor University might be a good fit for you.


Prescott College – High College Acceptance Rate

As I mentioned, we will be profiling several colleges with extremely high acceptance rates.  Most of them will have 100% acceptance rates, but for our first college profile is slightly less than that.

Prescott College, located in Prescott, Arizona, is a private liberal arts college.  Prescott College’s motto is For the Liberal Arts, the Environment, and Social Justice”.    Prescott College has held true to their motto, providing social justice by not discriminating during enrollment applications.

prescott college

Prescott College in Prescott, AZ recently boasted a 99% acceptance rate for college applicants.

In 2010, Prescott College had an 83% acceptance rate.  That has since risen to 99%.  That’s an incredible climb and worthy of being this site’s first college or university to be profiled.  Prescott College is truly one of the easiest colleges to get into and should be considered by anyone who is considering a college in the fields of liberal arts, the environment, or social justice, as well as other fields.  For more information about Prescott College you can call 877-350-2100.  They are located at 220 Grove Ave. in Prescott, Arizona.  The college was founded in 1996 and has grown into quite a nice college.  Prescott College also has resources in the Tucson Center in Tucson, Arizona.

The Easiest Colleges to Get Into Based on High Acceptance Rates

Let’s face it, most high school students are average with average grade point averages, average SAT scores and average ACT scores.  Not everybody can make the Dean’s List and flaunt a 4.0 GPA with high SAT and ACT scores to boot.  It’s easy to find good college information for the smart kids and governor scholars of the world, but for the average Joe it’s sometimes difficult to find good information.  The purpose of this blog is to focus on the average high school student and provide information about which colleges are the easiest to get into.

CUNY Staten Island has 100% acceptance rate and is one of the easiest colleges to get into in the United States.

CUNY Staten Island has 100% acceptance rate and is one of the easiest colleges to get into in the United States.

Exactly what do I mean when I say, “easiest to get into”?  By that, I mean which colleges will accept you as you are and let you enroll regardless of whether or not you have high marks.  A recent report by US News and World Report named one hundred colleges with the highest acceptance rates, meaning the colleges that accepted the most people and turned away the fewest.  According to their study, thirty-one colleges accepted everybody, one hundred percent of those who applied for enrollment.  There were also many more that accepted ninety-nine percent of applicants for enrollment (almost everybody).  With those colleges and universities instead of it being hard to get into them, it is actually hard not to get into them.  They have certainly reversed the trend.

It’s important to note that some people have complained that their report is misleading and although those colleges do “accept” everybody some of them then make each applicant go through a screening process in which some of them are denied.  However, more often than not, the report is pretty accurate.   In this blog we will be showcasing colleges and universities with very high acceptance rates that you should be able to get into very easily.

We will be previewing many of these colleges and universities, but not all of them.  Here is a list of 15 institutions that had 100% acceptance rates for the Fall Semester of 2011 in no particular order:

  • Goddard College of Plainfield Vermont
  • Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee
  • Granite State College in Concord New Hampshire
  • Baker College of Flint Michigan
  • Boston Architectural College in Boston Massachusetts
  • Dayton State College  in Dayton Beach Florida
  • Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph Missouri
  • Mountain State University in Beckley West Virginia
  • Chancellor University in Cleveland Ohio
  • CUNY-College in Staten Island New York
  • CUNY Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn New York
  • Lyndon State College in Lyndonville Vermont
  • Northwest Florida State College in Niceville Florida
  • New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas New Mexico

We will be featuring many colleges in future posts, but as I mentioned, we are focusing on colleges with the highest acceptance rates, so you will sure to receive the “congratulations” letter instead of the “sorry” letter from your perspective college in response to your application.