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Getting into College with Low SAT Scores

Just because you have low SAT scores or low ACT scores doesn’t mean you can’t get into college.  In fact, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to know that many colleges and universities don’t even require an SAT or ACT test for admission.  There are many reasons why these tests are optional but not mandatory.  Below are a few of reasons.

The ACT and SAT, although good for measuring skills across the board, don’t necessarily serve a good purpose of measuring skills for specific types of schools such as technical schools, art schools, and music schools.  So many of those types of institutions don’t require them.

Some colleges and universities feel like an unfair advantage is given to wealthy families who can afford prep classes for the SAT test and ACT test whereas less fortunate families can’t take the prep classes and consequently the students score lower on the tests.

Colleges or universities with strong religious affiliations often don’t require SAT and ACT scores either.

In summary, if you are a student with low test scores, don’t lose hope.  Seek out “test-optional” colleges that don’t require high scores or don’t require the tests at all.  Another option is to retake the SAT or ACT.  Most people score considerably higher the second or third time around because they are more familiar with what to expect.  The best option, if you can afford it, is to take prep classes for the SAT or ACT and then retake the exams.  You are sure to score higher with more preparation.   I hope this information has been helpful.  Soon I hope to post a list of colleges that have test-optional admissions policies so please check back soon for updates.